TWO LIONS // Script

by Sophia Hembeck


Two lions in a place where dreams come true. 

Lion 1: So I met her when we were lions. It sounds a bit weird. But that’s what we were. 

Lion 2: Hi

Lion 1: Hi

2: So you’re the other lion then?

1: Looks like it. 

2: Sorry. I just didn’t know what else to say.

1: Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to be sarcastic. 

2: Yeah right.  

1: No it’s my face. It’s a condition. People can’t tell. 

2: Haha. 

1: I mean that.

2: Oh okay then. 

1: No I’m just kidding. 

2: These are going to be the longest 20 minutes of our lives. 

1: You’re pretty good at it too. 

(silence)  I was trying to be funny but I guess I just annoyed her. 

– So how come you ended up here?

2: Long story. 

1: Too long for 20 minutes?

2: My head is too big. 

1: Really? I don’t think it is – How come?

2: Well. I didn’t know either but apparently it’s too big.

1: Is my? Do I have a big head?

2: Can’t really tell right now. Probably. 

1: Right. Yeah. (pause) What would have happened if you had a smaller head?

2: I would have been one of the princesses. 

1: Nice. 

2: Yeah. Didn’t happen. 

1: Sorry about that. (pause) Really makes you think in a way. 

2: Like?

1: I don’t know. I didn’t know that that could ever be a problem. It’s odd. 

2: Quite odd. 

1: Does it run in your family? 

2: Yeah. We have a serious case of big heads. 

1: Really?

2: No? 

1: Actually she was way funnier than me I quickly noted. I think that was the moment. Somewhere around there.  

– Sorry. So. Weird huh?

2: What? Life? Or this specific situation?

1: Probably both. 

2: Yep. 

1: It’s kind of hot. 

2: I guess yeah. Life is kind of hot. 

1: No I mean today. I’m struggling. 

2: Oh. Do you – Should I call someone?

1: No. It’s alright. Only 15 more minutes. It’s fine. 

– It wasn’t.  I didn’t want to admit it but in fact I was close to fainting. But lions don’t faint. And that’s what we were. 

2: All these people. Did you ever wonder why they are here?

1: It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? The place where dreams come true. 

2: Sure. But. Specifically. Like each individually. Who dragged them here? Their kids, their spouses? The fireworks at night?

1: I guess one could get all existential about this place. 

2: I guess. – Are you alright? 

1: I forgot my water. 

2: You have water in there? 

1: Not at the moment. 

2: How do you fit a water bottle in there? 

1: Well I guess my head isn’t as big as yours-

2: Funny. 

– You know if you faint I’m not allowed to take your head off. 

1: I know. It’s fine. 

2: I’m just saying. I don’t want to get fired. 

1: I’m fine. I’ll just move around a bit. 

2: Kids don’t want to see Simba having a human head after all. Could traumatize them. 

1: Tell me something about your life. Something interesting. 

2: That’s very specific. – Okay. I’m going to call someone. 

1: No. It’s fine. Just tell me something. 

2: I’m a lucid dreamer. 

1: Oh. What is that? 

2: I can control my dreams. 

1: So your dreams really can come true. 

2: I guess. 

1: Is real life boring for you then? 

2: Nah. It’s not like that. 

1: How is it? 

2: Well. I just know that I’m dreaming. So I can do a lot of stuff that have no consequences. 

1: Intriguing. 

2: Usually I do a lot of magic. 

1: How does it feel? 

2: Very powerful.

1: So is it just like being awake? 

2: No. That would be scary. Well. It’s like while you’re in it, it seems the same. But then you wake up and you realise: Oh yeah that is what it should feel like. 

– I think you are fainting. 

1: I think so too. 

– I don’t know what happened then. I felt someone taking off my head. I could feel a cold breeze and people carrying me away. A child started crying. A serenata of crying children as they dragged me away. I didn’t care. 

All I could care about was her. Her big lion-face, hovering above me. As she said: 

„Who’s the sleeping beauty now?“

She was really funny after all.

Excerpt from the play “TWO LIONS”